Friday, September 11, 2015

Recent Goodwill Finds

Mossimo Jeans (Fall Wishlist✔️) $7.99

Mossimo dress $10.00 (Goodwill splurge)

Forever 21 sweatshirt $4.75

Merona poncho $4.99 (size XL found this in the plus size section)

Mossimo cardigan $3.75

Mossimo Kimono $4.99

Sunglasses $3.99 each

If you notice the pattern, Target surplus is about the best thing to ever happen to Goodwill. You can find essentially brand new clothing for a fraction of a Target's prices which aren't bad to start with! I saw the light-wash destroyed jeans at Target about a week ago and was so close to buying them but didn't have time to try them on. Thank goodness I waited! I found the exact pair for $7.99 instead of $27.99! 

This top will be great as a swimsuit coverup too! (Shoes are LOFT $15 from a friends closet sale) 

(hat and fringe boots are previous goodwill finds)

(scarf is handmade by me and combat boots were $30 from amazon a few years ago)

(hat is $5 fleamarket find, shirt $7 Forever 21 a few years ago, and boots were a goodwill find) 

**sorry for all the low quality bedroom mirror selfies, I do this when I'm home alone during the day so maybe someday I'll take the effort to do a self timer outside or convince my husband to be my fashion photographer? (HA)** 

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