Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mr. and Mrs.

One of my best friends became a married woman yesterday! She snagged herself a farmer and man of God who is going to give her a lifetime of love and happiness. What more could a girl want for a friend? (The fact that they will be living mere minutes from my husband and I is a nice perk too)

The day was perfect. This snowy frigid weather we've been having lately surprised us with a sunny borderline warm day and everything ran smoothly from start to finish. She was stunning. Tears of happiness were shed. Then we danced the night away in an incredibly decorated barn on their soon to be home farm.

Weekends like this slap me in the face with how blessed I am. As a newly married woman (how has it been close to 10 months?!) I can't get over how much better life is with someone by my side to love me unconditionally, understand and share in my quirkiness, and ultimately share the ups and downs of life with.

Since Our wedding in June, two of my three best friends have tied the knot, one in November now one in March. Transitioning to this new phase of life together has been the best experience and makes me so thankful for the amazing relationships I've been blessed with. My husband and best friend, and the best girlfriends and their spouses to be by my side while establishing what "grown up life" looks like.

Okay enough sentimental thoughts for one day, take a look at the beauty of the Beam wedding! I just can't be thankful enough lately for the blessings and people in my life. I am one lucky girl.

Mrs. Blessed

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Costa Rica

After a few days of readjusting to 'normal' (and colder) life I'm finally getting around to sharing the highlights of our week of paradise in Guanacaste Costa Rica! Mr. and I were invited on the trip by his parents along with his younger brother. The entire week was a 'Thank You' business owners (like my in laws) for selling the products of larger companies and representing a brand. We stayed at the Four Seasons Resort but also got to see the countryside. The country was beautiful and a perfect getaway to destress and give us enough vitamin D to hold us over until summer vacations.

Top 10 highlights:
1. Ziplining at 120ft with speeds of 30mph in the jungle [and once upside down!]
2. Daily gifts waiting on my bed at night including a canvas beach bag, Costa Rican cookbook and sauces, a bag of coffee, CD of a local mucician, and $50 of monoploly money to be used as real money at a local market
3. Endless hours by the pool and on the beach with my Mr. [umbrella drinks in hand]
4. Riding ATV's through the countryside and creeks and ending up covered in dirt
5. Breakfast buffet every morning including bottomless Costa Rican coffee, fresh squeezed juice of the day and delicious food [I probably ate a pound of their homemade granola over the course of the week]
6. My first Brazilian buffet experience [10 types of all you can eat meat cut straight off of a large skewer onto your plate]
7. Morning hikes and walks on the beach to work off all the buffet food
8. A river cruise where I saw more crocodiles and lizards more close up than I am comfortable with
9. Seeing and hearing Howler monkeys in almost every tree
10. The feeling of coming home from a vacation back to OUR home for the first time [we decided our honeymoon didn't count because we were moving in for the first time]

The travel bug is in me to the nth degree these days. As much as it is fun to dream of the next thing, I am loving the stage of life we are in. Even with Harley, we have the luxury of picking up and getting away just the two of us. Even if its just trying out a new restaurant down the street, new experiences and adventures with my Mr. are my favorite. Time to dream up our next adventure!