Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Look for Less

I have been drooling over these nude Valentino studded heels (left) all summer. The pricetag? Not so much. So naturally, by thrifty self took this as a challenge to find these beauties on my budget. After much searching, I found a very similar style made by Dollhouse (right)
on Amazon for $30 and took the plunge in ordering them online. They fit perfectly and I'm realizing I actually prefer the suede look over the patent. Success!

Monday, August 5, 2013


Lately I've been letting "real life" get the best of my creative side. Between work, household duties, and summer outings I have neglected all of my right brained hobbies. I made a new commitment to be intentional about making time for these things that make me so happy: sewing, crafting, drawing, painting, creating, reading, singing, & music. 

Last night I got a sudden urge to purge my closet of everything I didn't wear. 50+  items later and I feel like a new woman! A few items I saw potential to create pieces I've been wanting but have not bought due to our "pay off all my school loans fast as possible budget" So I created them!! 

My first project was making a pair of Lacey ripped up shorts from an old pair of jeans. I really just winged it but they turned out perfect! All you need is scissors, lace, a sewing machine, and YouTube and Pinterest guidance! 

The other thing I've been wanting in my wardrobe is a jean jacket vest. Turns out I had an old Gap jean jacket that I probably wore twice in the 5 years I've had it. So, with the help of scissors, my sewing machine and a little bleach, I created just what I've been wanting. 

This turned out to be such a therapeutic night! I found a quote that says "Unlock Potential: Create Daily". That may have I be my new mantra for life. 

Happy Creating! 

Mrs. Artsy Fartsy