Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Wonders of Conconut Oil

I'm a sucker for the latest health trends. Lately, it's been coconut oil that I'm using for anything and everything. The question is, how great is it, really? After a few months I can honestly say it is GREAT! I don't have any statistics or hard facts to back up my claims, only my personal experience.

First, it is important that you buy ORGANIC coconut oil. I made the mistake of getting a "non processed""natural" jar but it didn't smell like coconut and just felt greasy. So I finally got it right and found an organic jar that has the lovely tropical a aroma. Second, don't be freaked out that it is a solid. At first I was thinking, what is this stuff and how am I supposed to use it? It is a solid at room temperature, but rub it in your hands for a second or throw it in the microwave and it will turn into it's true oil form. Maybe that's a given, but it threw me off!

Now, you can find lists of hundreds of uses for this stuff on pinterest, gooogle, and probably other blogs. Or purposes of practicality I will share my top 5 favorite uses.

1. Eye makeup remover- massage a small glob in circular motion over eye makeup, morph into a raccoon, then wipe off with cottonball to return to your human state. I may be imagining things but I also feel like it's made my eyelashes thicker and stronger! I am no longer afraid of my waterproof and heavy duty 'waxy' mascaras that otherwise leave annoying residue on my eyes.
2. Moisturizer- I use this stuff on my face, dry elbows, and rough heels, it locks in moisture, smooths skin, and even smells good! *Disclaimer: I was very nervous to use an oil on my face in fear of breakouts but I think it has actually helped my complexion and skin clarity*
3. Cooking- I am an olive oil addict in the kitchen, so I was hesitant to switch it up. Turns out the taste isn't overwhelming and you can use it as a butter substitute or simply use it to grease a pan.
4. Body scrub base- add your grit of choice (salt, sugar, coffee grounds, etc.) and Tah Dah! You have an amazing body scrub. I love using mine in the shower because it helps heat the oil and leaves me feeling smooth and moisturized.
5. Daily "vitamin"- Yes folks, it is ok and even recommend to ingest a spoon or two of this stuff straight from the jar every day. It doesn't taste bad! Plus it's supposed to be great for your hair and skin and rev up your metabolism. Sign me up!

What are your favorite uses for coconut oil? What have you heard about this trend?

Mrs. Trend Tester

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  1. Hello, blog hopping and stumbled onto your beautiful blog.

    Awesome post, terrific pics...!

    I live in Kerala in South India where all types coconut products including its oil are available in plenty. Generations here have used oil and coconut kernel for cooking their food and our ancestors enjoyed longevity.

    Coconut oil is rich in saturated fat and any saturated fat is bad cholesterol and it is bad for the heart. Cooking with coconut oil is being discouraged here as well still many use it and refuse to use other types of oil. Very very few cook with Olive oil here. Some use vegetable oils. Ignoring the health warning coconut kernel scrapings and powder are used in curries and dishes in Kerala.

    Heart diseases and cholesterol problems are very common and quite serious in this part of the world. I do not know if this can be attributed to consumption of coconut oil alone. Pollution, indiscriminate usage of pesticides and chemicals in food stuffs, stress etc. also are also to be blamed. No studies have been done or the results are inconclusive regarding coconut oil consumption and health problems mentioned above. Olive oil is recommended internationally and until research proves without doubt that coconut oil is equally safe or even better it would be wise to avoid taking it internally. If you are very particular in taking it then use only organic, virgin variety.

    I also have doubts regarding its organic cultivation. How can it be grown purely organically? Its roots reach far and wide and it takes years for the tree to grow and produce coconuts.

    We all love external application of coconut oil and there is no problem for this type of usage. For centuries here people have used this oil on hair and body. Still we all use it as moisturizer.

    Visit my blogs too, add comments.

    Continue blogging, all the best.