Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Retail Bargain Shopping: it's possible!

Ann Taylor LOFT is my retail weakness. All my thrifting instincts seem to go out the window when I walk into that store. I want everything. I fell in love with this cream eyelet blazer the first time I laid eyes on it in the store window, only problem is, the pricetag read $138.00. Yikes. So I waited, and waited, and impatiently waited,almost giving up on the possibility of it being mine when it was only marked down to $129.99. 

Yesterday, I was told by a friend who knew about my obsession with it (yes that's how much I talked about it) that it was marked down to $79.99 and they were running a 40% off sale! So naturally I rushed to the mall after work and found the perfect fit. At the checkout I got suckered into opening their rewards card which earned me an additional 15% off, then an extra 10% for it being the first Tuesday of the month! (a rewards card perk). 

So my grand total was..... $36.71!!! In a way that is a splurge for me when I think about how much that would get me at a thrift shop, but over $100 of savings from the original price made it bearable. If there's anything I'll make an exception for when it comes to bargain shopping, it's wardrobe staples. I may wear this blazer every day this spring .

So there it is ladies! It is possible to bargain shop in classy, high quality retail stores! The secret...PATIENCE! It's the hardest thing, but as seasons change and new merchandise comes in, the new becomes old and prices are cut! Also, layering promotions and sales as much as possible whittles the price down. Happy shopping! 

Mrs. Patient for a bargain

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