Wednesday, August 20, 2014

August Moments

This month has been a whirlwind of travels, sunshine, and family time. A week in Vermont with my family and a week in New York with Weston's family, both beautiful houses along lakes. Many pictures were taken. Many memories were made. I will be the first to admit I find myself so blown away by the beauty and gift that life is over and over again to the point where I wish there was a way I could bottle up all the details, moments, scents, sights. Anyone else guilty of documenting to a fault? I get so obsessed with how much I love moments of life and never want to forget them that I feel the need to photograph, video, journal every little moment to feel like I truly appreciated it. Ironically, just the opposite happens. My nature loving, constant, old fashioned husband (I swear he's an old man in a 24yr olds body sometimes and I love him for it) contines to teach me the value of just LIVING life and enjoying every moment with those you're with. No pressure, no camera angle or impressive adjective needed. It's challenging to us overdocumenters, but it's also freeing and refreshing. There is an intimacy in making memories that only you and those you're with know about. So join me in seizing the day with all six senses and that wonderful thing our brains do called making memories. 

Mrs. Moment lover

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