Thursday, November 15, 2012

Simply Delicous.

How is it possible that November is halfway over? I am finding myself thinking thoughts of snow, cookies, cozy nights, presents, lots of family time. I know, I know, its not even Thanksgiving yet, but the anticipation is what makes holidays so warm and fuzzy, so why not start early? Bottom line is, the pumpkins had to go. I never did get around to carving them {oops!} But, their seeds make for a simple yet delicious snack!

Add a little spice for some extra flavor:
~sea salt (classic)
~cinnamon and salt {sweet & salty}
~Italian seasoning and garlic salt
~olive oil and balsamic vinegar

1. Do surgery on pumpkin. 2. Remove guts and rinse off the keepers. 3. Sprinkle with desired
 topping and put in 350 degree oven. Stir occasionally. 4. Enjoy!

Mrs. Holiday Ready

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