Friday, November 16, 2012

Time Flies.

Today marks 5 months since June 16th, 2012. The day we became Mr. and Mrs....and I've got some news for ya: marriage is just downright fun. Its funny to think back to all of the "advice" we got before our big day. People said things like "The first year is the hardest", "Good luck", "You sure will get to know each other well" {well yaa isn't that the point} Honestly, we are still confused by all the negativity that seems to surround the reputation of marriage. Is it perfect? No. Is it always a smooth sunny road? Absolutely not. But thats the beauty of it.

Things aren't 'hard'. Yes, we already bicker like an old married couple, but after we get it out of our system giggles and jokes are all that result. Sure, living with someone 24/7 has been a learning experience, probably the best way to really get to know someone, but to me thats just awesome that theres always something else to learn. I thought on our wedding day I had Weston pretty figured out. Ha.

5 things I've learned about my husband in the last five months:

1. Towels are irrelevant. Drying off in the shower is a foreign concept. Who knew there was a such thing as a bath mat. Getting dressed while partially wet doesn't even phase him. Icky. {I'm training him slowly}
2. Peanut butter marshmallow crackers packed in his lunch makes me the coolest wife ever.
3. He's a huge snuggle bug. {love it.}
4. He snores and talks in his sleep, which makes for some hilarious stories and entertainment for me, the night owl.
5. He is a gem of a helper when it comes to cooking, dishes, and chores and even starting laundry, but he won't even think about touching clean, ready to be folded laundry. {My ocd color coordinated closet thanks him}

With all of that said, I am beyond thankful for my Mr. , my roomate, my husband, my best friend. Heres to many more months and learning experiences ahead! Life is beautiful, and we are abundantly blessed.

Mrs. Thankful

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