Thursday, April 4, 2013

spring has sprung! [almost.]

The sun is showing itself when it chooses, and for now that's enough for me. I am 110% over winter. I'm 120% ready for flip flops, driving with the windows down (without having to simultaneously blast the heat), and spend evenings at the park with Mr. and the pup. Because I'm a to-do list kind of person, I'm making a 'bucket list' for our first married spring!

[ Disclaimer: As much as I get overly eager for season changes I wouldn't have it any other way to live in a place where I can enjoy the beauty of 4 seasons! Thank you PA! ]

To Do this Spring:

- Lots of picnics and patio dinners
- Less time inside more time outside
- Run consistently (so many hilly but beautiful backroads to explore)
- Host cookouts/bonfires
- Plant a mini garden (I'm trying to be realistic and start small with my green thumb development)
- Weekend camping and hiking trips
- Read books (preferably outside on my imaginary hammock...still trying to convince the Mr. to buy me one :))
- Landscape our house out the wazoo.
- Scope out all the roadside produce stands in the area. Sorry Wal-mart, were going local with our produce now.
- Go fishing with Mr. and grill our catches for dinner

So far I've broken out the bug eyed shades, played frisbee and run barefoot in the backyard, went fishing on Easter morning, made funfetti cupcakes, bought pastel pink and mint jeans, and took the first chance I got to visit one of the many frozen yogurt establishments that are infesting the country. I love spring!


  1. Such a fun list. It's still so chilly here. I'm hoping spring will hurry up and get here!