Sunday, January 26, 2014

5 February Fit Tips

Just like everyone else, I made New Years resolutions to eat healthier & get in shape. I've owned the Insanity DVDs for over a year and attempted multiple times to complete the 60 day challenge never doing it consistently and never getting past the second week. I ran cross country for 6 years, but long gone are the days of being held accountable by a team and burning so many calories in a day I didn't have to think twice about what I ate.  

Basically, I find the discipline it takes to make all these healthy changes VERY difficult to stick with on my own willpower. BUT this year I am fighting that urge to quit with all I have thanks to a few new tools.....

1. The encouragement and accountability of my husband. I told him January first, I want to do this. Don't let me stop. His praise and challenges have kept me going, plus we're working out together so I'm not alone!

2. My basement is my gym. We originally canceled our gym membership to save money, but all I need is a rubber mat and a tv so our unfinished basement is the perfect and most convenient setting to blast some Pitbull Pandora and work it out! 

3. Technology! I started using a Polar heart rate monitor which has increased the effort I put into my workouts now that I know my Target zone and actual calories burned. I use the FT4 model which I found for around $60 on Amazon. Also, I use the 'Fitness Pal' app to coin calories and 'Run Keeper' app to track distance and pace of runs.

4. Rewards. Let's be honest, what girl isn't motivated by gifts? Even when they're from yourself, I've found it's a great incentive to stay motivated! I decided that each milestone I reach I will reward myself with a cute workout outfit, pair of sneakers, pampering or something specific I've been wanting. 

5. Strategic grocery shopping. Never shop hungry. Start in the fresh produce section. Skip the packaged snack aisles completely. Read labels! Watch sugar, saturated fat, cholesterol, etc. the reality is, if it's not in the house it's a lot harder to get access to. (not to say an occasional drive thru frappe & fries binge won't happen :)) 

January is coming to an end and I'm one month in. I honestly couldn't feel better. I never thought I would make it this far without cheating or giving up, but now that I'm halfway I don't want to! I am excited to continue to challenge myself and hopefully see even more results. 

Keep at it friends, 2014 can be your healthiest year yet! I'm hoping mine will be. One day, Shaun T. will be my friend, not my enemy :) 

Mrs. Digging Deep

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