Thursday, February 6, 2014

Grow Where You are Planted

I am a change junkie. Maybe it was 4 different schools in 4 years from 6th to 9th grade, studying abroad in a foreign country for 3 months, or getting engaged, graduating nursing school, getting married, and landing a job in the span of a year that did it to me, but sometime during this whole "growing up" happened. I love my hometown and will probably always live right here where I was born and raised. I love my family close in relation and distance. Yet I am constantly craving an adventure, a new challenge, a new goal to reach. It can be a slippery slope. As healthy as experiencing new things and the strive to improve oneself is, when does it become discontentment? On the other hand, when does lack of it become complacency? After over a year of married life and my job living in our home, I'm in a daily tug of war with finding a balance between these two extremes.

"Can't settle into a routine and become stagnant" I say one day. "Look how blessed you are, never forget to be thankful for all that you have. You don't need anything else to be happy" I remind myself the next day. 

To this struggle I say: I know I'm not alone. I have no doubt this is the classic 20-something thought process. Married or not, employed of not, if employed using our degree or not (or even have a degree or not) living with your parents or around the world. We're trying to make our mark, find our niche in this big opportunity packed world. 

I'm starting to itch for change. I can feel it bubbling to the surface of my day to day thought process. So inevitably {trips are planned, half marathon signed up for, Insanity started, health food fads explored, girlie foodie exploration days planned} 

But then I heard a whisper in my heart, so faint I almost didn't acknowledge it until it slapped my in the face via a Pinterest quote. [profound, I know] Grow where you are planted. Yes. Grow where you are planted. Change, explore, adventure, experience, reach for new heights but don't run away from what you've started. Fresh starts only last a short while. Instead invest in making your exhisting endeavors fresh again. 

Thank you Jesus for this reminder. 

Mrs. Antsy 

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