Friday, August 14, 2015

Hello newest niece!

It's time to play catch up. Babies have been born, trips have been taken, and I haven't documented! First of all, my newest niece Harper June was born on Friday June 26th! I worked all day and after getting a text at 9am from my sister that her water broke, I was sure I was going to miss her arrival. When 7pm rolled around I gave report and hurried to the hospital in the next town where my sister was. Soon after we got there she was feeling lots of pressure through her epidural, sure enough, it was time to push!! 10 minutes later, she arrived!! A perfectly chubby 9lb 4oz, I fell in love and lost any ounce of patience I had left to meet my little girl. It's hard to believe I was 5 weeks away from my due date at that point. 

Mrs. Auntie Alyssa

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