Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Spontaneous sleep deprivation.

Nursing gives me a crazy work schedule sometimes,for example, I worked 3pm to 3am from Friday to Saturday.

My Mom is one of 5 children and I am one of 13 grandchildren on her side. Every year my grandma, aunts, and girl cousins (a whopping 4 of us out of the 13 including my sister and I) go to the beach for the weekend to do Christmas shopping at the outlets.

I hate missing out on things. So, after I got off at 3am I decided to to make the 3 hour drive. By 7am I was on the road! Thanks to a few lattes and a 5 hour energy I somehow stayed conscious until after a movie that night.

In these situations, sleep is the first sacrifice if it means memories and time with those I love most {and I guess shopping is fun too..} It was such a refreshing and fun girls weekend, and more than worth the sleep deprivation.

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