Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Marriage and what I've learned...

October 16. 16 months of marraige. 

Despite the 38 months of dating prior to our big day, I have since learned...

>>the more snuggling and laughing, the less bickering

>>moods are contagious, good or bad. 

>>set goals together, no matter how lofty. 

>>vocalize the obvious every day. [feelings, thankfulness, appreciation]

>> even the smallest of surprises can turn the day around 

>> bedtime prayers together are the perfect ending to any day

>> just because you're married doesn't mean you have to grow up. [cereal for dinner and living room floor slumber parties welcome]

>> there are times for adventures, and there are times to call it a night at 9pm to  go home and watch TV in your fluffy robe 

>> the truest lifelong friends are family

>>puppies are more responsibility than they appear  [& timeline of baby plans may or may not be postponed due to that reality]

Weston, what more can I say but thank you. You do so much every day for me and our future together. I have enjoyed nothing more in life than living the normal- sweatpants, retainers, dirty laundry, no makeup, eggs for dinner cause there's nothing else in the fridge -day to day with you. Id be naive to believe there won't be challenges ahead and valleys to walk though. But I find comfort in knowing we will be hand in hand through it all, looking to God our leader who loves us and sees a greater picture than we ever will. In 16 short months I can already count myself beyond blessed for all the experiences we've had and joy filled memories we've made. Here's to many more months and years of love, tickle fights, sleep talking, and tracing the Big Dipper of freckles on your cheek. 

your Mrs. 

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