Monday, October 7, 2013

Opening Day

This time of year, we pretty much live at Weston's family cabin on the weekends thanks to his, to put it lightly, interest in hunting. Although I'm not a hunter, I very much look forward to these weekends of reading, knitting, nature, and a retreat from the hustle bustle of the workweek.

This is the view from the cabin porch. Saturday was opening day, although you would have thought it was Christmas Day. It's actually quite entertaining to see my normally even keel husband go bonkers with anticipation. No luck this weekend, but it was a fun and refreshing weekend nonetheless. 

Because they go into the woods at the crack of dawn, I woke up to my hunter making breakfast. Yes, he hunts AND cooks. Keeper. 

Although I didn't grow up around any kind of hunting (Weston refers to me as a city girl although is hardly call having Amish neighbors living in the city) I have grown to love the sport and being a hunters wife. My freezer appreciates it too. 
The remainder of our weekend was full of  adventures and time with both of our Harleys (dog and bike) 

Mrs. Weekend love


  1. Just found your blog through Cleverly Yours and I am also a new blogger as well. :) I was stopped dead in my tracks when I saw your husband dressed in camo with face paint. haha. That's my hubby to a T. And we live in the city... in a loft. It's great the looks he gets when he's coming and going. :)

    Signing Steph

    1. Thanks for stopping by Steph! I'm sure he stands out looking like that in the city :) I'm new to the hunting world but have come to love the camo and face paint look on my hubby!