Saturday, January 12, 2013

Best birthday ever.

I have had a lot of great birthdays in my lifetime. But this year tops them all, thanks to my Mister. I turned the big 2-3 on Friday; my first birthday married and away from my childhood home. I had off (thank goodness!) and was told to pack warm clothes for a weekend getaway! Lets be honest, a girl can't possibly pack sufficiently without knowing the destination, so I convinced Mr. to spill the beans. He planned a weekend in Baltimore Inner Harbor!

(this is also where my sister was proposed to and my Dad took my Mom on a surprise 1 year anniversary trip!)

As I was packing and relaxing I received a surprise package at the door, which turned out to be (just as beautiful as they were delicious) chocolate covered strawberries! Mr. just knows the way to my heart and happiness.

We made the trip down Friday night got snuggled into our hotel room and geared up for a day of exploring the city! Today we probably walked 10 or more miles exploring the harbor, the surrounding blocks, shopping, visiting the aquarium, climbing a lookout, and more shopping.

We had dinner at Phillip's Restaurant and happened to be there when the Ravens beat the Broncos. As classy and fancy as the place is, everyone went wild! Even the guys in the kitchen! Can't say I'm the biggest football fan, but it was neat to be in the city in the midst of all the excitement!

Basically, Mr. downright spoiled me this year and I couldn't be more thankful for him. We have always talked about wanting to travel lots and explore together. This was our first trip alone since our honeymoon and it makes me so excited for what the future holds.

I hope everyone had wonderful weekends!

Mrs. 23


  1. Seriously, you're so pretty! I think I tell you that every time I comment. But what a fabulous birthday!! Happy Birthday girl!

  2. New to your blog, and glad you had a great birthday. My hubby and I were at that Denver game when the Ravens beat us. It was FREEEEEZING but we had a blast. :-D

  3. Welcome Mrs. Miller :) Oh wow I'm sure the was a great game to be at, hope you kept warm!!

  4. so fun! I love husband and I go there a couple of times a year because we live pretty close. There is so much to do!