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Although I'm a day late, I love the idea of this linkup from Whitney at "I Wore Yoga Pants To Work". As a blogger and blog stalker, I would be thoroughly interested in reading random facts about people I don't actually know all day. What strange creatures we are...with that said...

1. I am unapologetically wordy when I write. Too many adjectives, too many compound sentences, I know. However, writing is my vent, so most times, there is just no taming or condensing it.

2. Symmetry of any kind makes me happy. I blame the perfectionist in me.

3. I am obsessed with the sky. Any time of day, any time of year. I have probaby taken thousands of sky, cloud, and sunset pictures in my lifetime. My friends and family give me a hard time for all the comments I make about its beauty and time I spend staring into space.

4. I have an ongoing goal to finish up all chapsticks, lotions, and cosmetics I own before buying more. Somehow I never seem to stick to that. Nevertheless, throwing an empty container of any kind away feels like a weight off my shoulders.

5. I am a thrift store junky. [and proud of it] A majority of my wardrobe was purchased secondhand for mere cents. Nothing is more satisfying than getting a compliment on an outfit, and after being asked where I got it saying "Goodwill." Its like a treasure hunt.

6. I wanted to be a nurse who took care of babies since I was a toddler. Instead of playing house I pretended my dolls were sick in the hospital. Of course I healed them all with my Fisher Price doctor kit.

7. Music and running are my therapy. No better ways to release stress, have alone time, and get in touch with thoughts and emotions in a way that makes me feel better.

8. I have been keeping a journal since 3rd grade. One of my biggest inspirations to begin blogging is my love of documenting my daily thoughts and life.

9. Smell is my favorite and strongest sense. I am a perfume addict, and love the power that scents have to bring back memories and emotion. I have a blessing/curse talent of matching tastes and scents, and remembering where certain smells were from. (ex. I can't eat chocolate mints or mint chololate chip ice cream to this day because I had a sparkly mint chololate chip flavored lotion in 5th grade)

10. I have a bunion. One of my biggest insecurites and annoyances. Hopefully I'll get it removed one day, but until then I will forever cross my feet in barefoot pictures and not buy certain shoes.

11. I am 5' 8" and love heels, but hate being over 6 feet when I wear them.

12. In first and second grade I had a bowl cut. I had glasses from third to seventh grade. I had braces from ninth to tenth grade. Thankful to finally be past all of those awkward phases.

13. I color coordinate my closets and drawers and refuse to let my husband put away laundry. "Neat freak" may be an understatement.

14. I was never out of the country (other than Canada) until my sophomore year in college when I studied abroad in Athens, Greece for a semester. Since then I've had a major travel bug. Mr. and I have big plans to see the world together!

15. As you can tell from the previous fact, I love change and adventure. I thrive in new places and love trying new things. I love the quote that says "20 years from now you will only regret the things you didn't do". I try my best to do something that stretches my comfort zone every day.

16. As much as I love to travel, I am also a big homebody and love the small town I grew up in. I grew up in a Mennonite church and had an Amish farm as my neighbor (no, I'm not Amish and no there is no such thing as an Amish Mafia)

17. I have serious dimple envy of well...anyone with dimples. Hoping our future children get my husbands genes in that area.

18. I ran a marathon my senior year of high school as a goodbye to my 5 year cross country career. Since then I enjoy 'just for fun' running and races. Most recently the Color Run in Philly!

19. My husband and my sister are my best friends. A strong case of independance and caution to trust makes it hard for me to get super close to many people.

20. I am a natural blond(e) but still don't know how to spell the word.

Mrs. Fun Facts

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